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Different kind of alarm clock

Before the alarm clock that we used now went famous for waking people on time to make sure they are early especially for their appointment.

People had different ways before to get up early in the morning. First there is the sun that helps people get up early in the morning because of the bright and shine it process. This is what people used from the very start and still not still used sometimes. Aside from the natural help of the sun there is also the rooster. The crow in the morning of the rooster has did a great work in waking people and till now some country till do wake up with the crow of the rooster. Some say that rooster is the most annoying alarm clock as you can see you cannot control the rooster once it started to crow and no specific time that it will do most especially if this rooster do not stop it really get annoying.

Then there was sundial where it was known as the oldest clock. A simple apparatus that used sun shadow to let us know the time. After the sun water was next to help to know the time. Water clock was improved by Cteslbius of Alexandria and had created the first mechanical clock in the world. It produced whistle sound at the assigned time. There was a clock tower that chiming at the specific time every day. Factory whistle around 1850 was considered the loudest that woke up people especially those who lived near the factory.

Around 1876 the mechanical wind up kind of alarm clock where time can be set anytime. Then in 1940s came the first radio alarm clock. Different kind was releases like cuckoo clocks, cat clock. Snooze alarm clock and now the online alarm clock. Alarm clock surely get better each time goes by. Let us expect more in the future.