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What is your favorite alarm clock

As time goes by there are different clocks and alarm clocks that were used and released to help each person of their dilemma like waking up early, making it on time to their schedule appointment, from a short nap, getting to school or work on time and more.

From the different alarm clock that was invented which did you like or had gotten your attention or also been using? If not all people used a type of alarm clock at least we can say almost everyone uses one. Even mobile phones now have one and I am sure that you are using it time to time. Some still uses those classic one that has two bells on it. This is more used at bedroom. Some houses have those cuckoo clocks in their living room or at dining room. Other do not prefer birds so they do not used cuckoo clocks but instead used different one but have the same idea with cuckoo clock like the cat clock but it looks weird with the eyes moving and looks creepy.

Now alarm clock goes high tech and also goes online. Alarm clock can now be found in our mobile phones where you can set time more than you can especially if you have more agendas that needed to complete. Aside from the mobile phones laptop and computers also now have alarm clock which is more known as online alarm clock. This is more interesting because the sounds that will be used to be your alarm can be song or even a music video o you’re favorite. It will surely be a good alarm if your music video will be the one to pop up.

Let just wait next what kind of alarm clock will be released soon and it sure will be interesting.