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Thank you Levi Hutchins

If you are one of those people who are heavy sleepers I guess your best friend in the field to waking up early or not to be late for your appointment, school, work or other agendas is an alarm clock. When one say an alarm clock these are those clocks that are set for a specific time and when it hit the time it makes sounds or noise to be able to alarm you. I guess that is the reason why it is called an alarm clock.

I know we are using alarm clock but do you know who invented this that helps us to wake up or not be late. If not you should thank Levi Hutchins born in 1761 of August 17 at Harvard MA. He was the one who invented it. It was invented I 1787 at Concord, New Hamsphire.

There was a story how the alarm clock was invented. It was because he slept past 4 am and he wanted to wake up early and at the same exact time. He built a cabinet wherein he put the mechanism inside which is a brass clock that is large. Then next were the gears where inserted where when the tipped of the minute hand pinion at the time that was set which is 4 am it will set a sounds a ringing bell.

This surely was one of the great inventions ever made that is dedicated for heavy sleepers and for those who do not want to be late because if not for this people may over slept or might be late for their appointments.